Energy Work: Like a Shot of Wheatgrass for the Spirit

Energy WHAT?

In my experience there are all sorts of ways to divide the world in two. For example there’s Peanut Butter and Jelly. There’s High Road and Low Road. There’s Ant and Grasshopper. You get the picture. Similarly there are those who know, believe, and understand the benefits of energy work and those of you (some my very closest friends, I might add) who think energy work is a crock. I’m not here to convert anybody. If you are into it and want a shot of energy, I can help you with that.

How Does It Work?

We meet up for about 30-40 minutes. We’ll spend a few minutes saying hello and you can tell me what you are hoping to work on. Then we’ll do a brief meditation (for you non-meditators, just think of it as a few deep breaths shared). After that you’ll sit in a chair, and I’ll stand behind you and gently touch your shoulders and head.

Uh, Do You Have a Degree in That?

In case you’re interested to know my background with energy work– I am Reiki trained and I have also been through a Barbara Brennan Hands of Light Workshop. However, this Wheatgrass Shot for the Spirit stuff is not officially either Reiki or Hands of Light. It’s a gift I have that I would like to share with you. There is no set rate for this service– just whatever donation you feel comfortable with.

Disclaimer: I cannot make your brain tumor go away, but I can make your head feel clearer.

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