Go Team! Workshop/Salon Starts in September

ImageBy applause– Who all’s ready to get your shit together?

Great. Let’s do it! 

So, okay– last year I started playing around with this site, and also with an idea that I would like to start hosting informal group-think salons to help folks connect with each other and brainstorm. I’ve been really lucky in my life to have a lot of things come together allowing me to do work that I truly love, get paid well for it, and have lots of time off to travel, read, knit, meditate, and chill with my dogs. 

I know a lot of people are unhappy with their jobs, their life situations, their overall lot in life. I hear, fairly often, from people who want to know how I do what I do– by which they mean how do I manage to avoid a desk monkey job and still stay afloat? I’m not here making big infomercial promises that if you “just do A & B” you will have a miracle transformation. But I do believe– and know from experience– that if you start speaking your dreams and goals out loud, and if you do so in a supportive environment, you’re going to take a step (or two or ten) toward being in the place you really want to be. As opposed to being where you are now, the place that’s making you not so happy.

And so, in the interest of fostering this environment and sharing what I know, as well as serving as a connector, I’m finally launching the Go Team! series. Here’s how it’s going to work– for the first Go Team! workshop/salon, I’m capping attendance at ten folks. We’ll meet for six consecutive Tuesdays from September 25th – October 30th, 7 pm til 9 pm, location TBA (it’ll be central). I’ll provide the entree, y’all will provide the side dishes. We’ll do some set exercises (nothing too corny, I promise) to help you figure out where you want to be, and we’ll do some freeform, shoot-from-the-hip stuff, too. Over the course of the six weeks you will also have access to one-on-one coaching via email.

Cost is $300. A $100 deposit holds your space.

You can email me at spike@spikeg.com to get more details and sign up.

It’s going to be great. 


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