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My first “real” job post-college was working as an intern and then editorial assistant for a big magazine company. I remember even then wanting the company to create a different sort of job for me– Company Cheerleader was the title I came up with. I also remember composing (if not sending) a letter to the CEO asking if he would consider letting me take on such a position. In my mind I would travel from cubby to cubby, offering jokes and encouragement, just checking in with everyone to see how things were going.

In the 25 years since, I have never stopped wanting to be a cheerleader. In fact, I have been a cheerleader in many capacities. I really like encouraging people to follow their dreams. That sounds corny, right? I know, I know. But you know, I followed my own dreams thanks to the encouragement of others and– granted it wasn’t a smooth ride– but ultimately a lot of those dreams came true. I’ve published books and magazine articles, been a columnist on several occasions, traveled the world, raised a great kid, and made a million amazing friends. I couldn’t have done these things without the encouragement of others. And I’ve watched as folks I’ve had the honor of encouraging have also achieved their goals. In short, I think all of us at one time or another “need permission” to try out the things our heart most desires.

This past summer I made the decision to begin to formalize this cheerleading job of mine by offering my take on coaching. Currently I am taking on a very small number of one-on-one clients. Beginning in early 2012, I am going to start offering six-week Go Team! sessions. Taking a cue from the six-week writing workshops I lead, these sessions will give up to fifteen attendees a chance to gather weekly to talk about personal goals and to strategize ways to meet those goals. Rather than having a narrow focus, I want to open up the sessions to folks from all walks with a variety of goals. Some of you might be looking for ideas on how to make a career change, some of you might be looking for ideas on how to get through the grief of divorce, some of you might be wanting to figure out how to reframe your life perspective. I believe that in sharing our stories, fears, successes and advice we can all give each other a leg up.

For more information on my background, check out my ABOUT page. If you’d like to reserve a spot in the first six-week session of 2012 — six Tuesdays from January 17th – February 20th (inclusive), drop me a line at spikegillespie@gmail.com. I do want to emphasize that these workshops are not therapy. I’m glad to refer you to some great therapists if you need one, but I myself am not a therapist. My job is to help folks connect with each other so they can make a strong plan for a better future. Whether you’re an artist wanting to learn how to market your work, a shell-shocked recent divorcee needing to vent, an aspiring writer seeking advice, or really anyone looking for something but unsure where to find it, perhaps I can help– think of me as a cross between the Human FaceBook and the Human Google, ready to assist you with making connections and finding answers fast.

Feel free to drop me a line for more information.



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